5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Garden

by | Oct 9, 2021

We all spend time making our homes look welcoming and inviting but what about our gardens? A lot of the time, gardens take a back-seat and don’t get any attention until the sun begins to shine and we want to get outdoors.

But thinking about your outdoor space and how it can be improved can be done at any time of the year.

Look at your garden with a critical eye and ask yourself if it really is good enough. If it’s littered with old garden furniture, broken pots, overgrown shrubs and plants that have seen better days (not to mention the lawn that the dog has taken ownership of), you need help from a garden landscaper.

Try thinking of your home as an extension of your interior space and an area where you can relax, chill out and most of all, enjoy. And you don’t need to have an endless budget to spend with a garden designer to get it looking great; even the smallest of changes can make a big impact.

Follow our five simple ways on how to improve your garden, helped by an experienced garden designer, and you will have it looking stunning in no time at all:

1. Add some raised beds and grow your own
If you have never grown your own food, then you are missing out on so much fun. Not only is it easy to do but the joy of picking it fresh from the stalk is undeniable. Beds don’t have to be raised but they are easier to maintain. Decide on how big you want the area to be and begin by growing simple things such as lettuce, tomatoes, peas or peppers. Look at getting your beds constructed from brick or timber. Your garden designer will make sure that the beds are not only practical but that they look wonderful too.

2. Check out your flat surfaces
By this we mean any flat areas such as grass, concrete, paving, decking and gravel. Changing or renovating these can make a big difference, depending upon how much surface area is covered. For example, if part of your lawn is missing grass and most of the time a muddy mess, consider getting part of it removed and adding decking or a patio. Here you can really add character with patios combining stone and brick. Follow your garden designer’s lead as they will know how best to make use of the flat surfaces.

3. Add an attractive structure
Even the simplest of arbours our pergolas can create a fantastic feature in any size of garden. It provides the ideal area where you can sit and relax at the end of the day or even a sunny spot to get the sun. Choose the size according to how much space you have. You may even want to add a summer house or home office. Your garden designer should be able to help with everything from design to building.

Attractive Swing Chair Structure In Garden
4. Add a water feature
The sight and sound of water in a garden is incredibly appealing. Depending upon the size, you might be able to add fish but even the smallest of ponds or fountains can look beautiful. Think fountains, streams and stunning water features.
Water Garden Feature
5. Add some beautiful plants, shrubs or trees
If you have empty spaces, talk to your designer and look at ways you can fill them with plants, shrubs and even trees. If you don’t have much space, trees can come in miniature form. Your garden designer will know which plants will thrive in certain spaces and will do what is needed to make the final overall look impressive. If you want a themed garden, look at which of the exotic plants and flowers will grow in your type of soil.
Beautiful plants in garden
Improving your garden does not need to be a major chore. Decide how much money you have and set aside a budget. You can then talk to your designer and enjoy the creative process, knowing that your garden will be improved in the right way.

Giving your garden a makeover is a way of ensuring that your outdoor space looks as good as it should.

By working with a garden designer that understands your brief completely and what you want to achieve, your dream of having an amazing garden can come true.

If you would like to talk about improving your garden, Kelly Rose Walker, landscape designer, is available to offer helpful advice and information. Give her a call today on 0121 679 3213 or email at and take the first step towards transforming your garden.

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